May 14, 2010

De Mosto Ashamedete Momento en Mi Lifino

When I looked at my lil sis, Syuhaila, with her KAFA School attire, my memory is going back to ‘De Mosto Ashamedete Momento en Mi Lifino’ (The Most Ashamed Moment in My Life), the year when I was in Standard Sekolah KAFA Pink..hehe..well, actually Sekolah Agama At-Taqwa at my hometown... why it was called ‘Pink’?..hehe, that is because students there are wearing Baju Kurung with pink coloured ‘kain’ and scarf along with white ‘baju’...boys doesn’t wear those pinky Baju Kurung (of course laa..aiyoo), but they only wears all white Baju Melayu with pinky ‘sampin’.. the word ‘pink’ also used to differentiate between another two Fardu Ain School located nearby, according to the colour of attire they are wearing... Sekolah KAFA Hijau (PASTI actually) and Sekolah KAFA Biru (Sekolah Agama Al-Hidayah)’s sort of weird...but actually it’s quite fun to named them that way..hehe..

Alright, back to the story... It was on the UPKK exam week (if i’m not mistaken,hehe...), and a few weeks before, I was rarely presence to the class because of too busy attending for school co curricular activities in evening...(actually not very busy, it’s just lazy..hehe).. I’m not too sure about the date, it could be the 2nd day of exam, Tajwid paper..woah..for that time I was too worried, because I haven’t studied or do any revision on Tajwid..(the truth is, even for other papers I’m not study or do the revision..haha)..sincerely, on that time, I was not good in Tajwid, Tajwid is my weakest subject ever..compared to Sirah, Akhlak and Feqah..I can read the Quran but on that time if people ask me about the ‘Izhar Halqi?, Idgham Maal Ghunnah?, Idgham Bila Ghunnah?, Alif Lam Syamsiah?, Alif Lam Qamariah? and bla3...then I got blurred..huhu..only Iqlab I can remember the most..hehe..shame on me, isn’t it? Yes, I blind and blurred on that many times my ‘nenek’ and my mom and also my dad had told me and teaches me, even ustazah also had teach me on that simple and basic rules of Tajwid, unfortunately, I still can’t remember it..huhu...(could be I’d eat a lot of ant when I was a child)..hehe..the last thing that split on my mind is to make a ‘toyol’ scary..the first time ‘toyol’ I ever made through my entire learning, studying and sleeping education life and also the last...wahaha..carefully, a few minutes before the Tajwid paper exam begin, I write the ‘toyol’ on a blank page of Akhlak exercise book..the ‘Huruf-huruf Izhar, and all the rules and regulations of scared on that time, but I got no choice..I don’t want to be failed on that subject..huhu~...

“Kamu boleh mula menjawab sekarang”, said Ustazah Esah (it’s a miracle that I still can remember her name.. haha..), then I looked at ustazah........CLEARED!..hoho...since I was sit at the very back of the class..I confidently reached out my hand into the deepest and the darkest compartment of my table, I took out the Akhlak exercise book where the ‘toyol’ was hiding..huuu~~... Then, I turned the by page..carefully and silently..’Where is that thing?(the ‘toyol’), I questioned myself..huhu..’Where is it? I thought that I was wrote it here, on the middle of this book page, but where is it?’...

Suddenly... “ehem~..ehem ehem~”...Ya Allah~(my heart whispered)..then I tilted my head a little and turn to right from which the sound came from..and then I saw Ziana Zain(not her real name) smiled at me and with her finger waving up and down and saying, “Haa....awak meniru ye?..hehe~”.. (in my heart, ‘ what an evil face she had’)...then I smiled back at her..(you can guess how terribly my heart does, beating out of tempo on that time..huhu)...but then, she’s took out something from her table and said, “Aku pon same~..hehe~”..Lailahailallah!...fuh! RELEASED!.. then I smiled back at her and with no doubt accompanied with confidences, I raised up a little bit my Akhlak exercise book or my ‘toyol’ to show to her.......

However...“AINI!”...hah! then I turned my head forward...THERE! the very front of the class, almost kiss the blackboard (in hyperbola) I guess...AKMAL? Why did he shout my name? Did he saw it? Did he???...then he done a lip sync which I can clearly interpret what he is saying was ‘Meniru ea??’...then, he turned his head towards Ustazah, then... ”USTAZAH! AINI...DIA MENIRU!”...Astaghfirullah~(I sighed and monologs, ‘What the heck he is doing?! How can he at the very front of the class can turned his head to the very back of the class and then caught me cheating?? This is very insane!!’)...then those eyes from the whole class stared at ashamed, too ashamed, very very very ashamed..huhu~~...I'm a dead meat! huhu~ Ustazah then calmly get up from her seat and walked slowly to my place..then she took the Akhlak book or the ‘toyol’ that was already there, on my table..her only words that came out of her mouth, which I can barely remember was, “Ape ni meniru waktu perikse..”,only that?..huhu..Ustazah’re just too kind...if other people I guess, for sure I’ll be barred from taking the paper and plausibly barred for the whole next exam paper..huhu~... Ustazah then went back to her seat and do the inspection to my ‘toyol’.. After page by page she turned...she then returned the ‘toyol’ back to me and said “Lain kali jangan meniru dah”...huhu..’Baik Ustazah’, that words just echoed inside my throat..,I can’t talk.,.because I was too ashamed...Well, people might also wondered, what type of cheater who wrote their ‘toyol’ inside an exercise book? and more ridiculously, she's also don’t know which page was the ‘toyol’ was written on??? haiyoo~~... all these because, she herself was never did this kind of ‘toyol-toyol’ things before...who was, ME!...and you see, what happened to someone that got no experience on cheating during exam want to cheat the cheaters? (ape ni mengarot?)huhu...well... The only thing that I can do for that time was just smiled back to my friend, Ziana Zain(not her real name).. I knew she felt guilty (from her face)... and also based on what she said, “Aini...sorry~”...then I replied, “It’s okay” smile (^_^)..hurm~~...It’s not her fault..It’s all my fault... Eventhough I know that she was cheating too...I will not betrayed my friends..Never! And for Akmal..I’m not mad at him...maybe on that time I was really badly mad at him, but just after that, I was not his fault...not at all..I knew he is such a good guy,he is just telling the truth..I knew Akmal well.. (actually I’m not..haha)...but I’m not mad at him..Peace dude! =) Thanx!.. Despite all of the ashamedness...I continued the exam...answered all the questions by myself..eventhough I know it was the worst exam paper I answered (only at that time..hehe...because for now it was plenty..haha)..

Moral of the story, NEVER EVER TRY TO CHEAT DURING EXAM.. If you don’t get caught by the invigilators, you might get caught by someone like Akmal..haha (just kidding)..if you don’t get caught for now, soon you will be vanished..’Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, tak menang-menang piala Olimpik juge’...hehek~..Alright, the main reason why am I written this ‘bukak pekung di dada’ story is just to tell everyone that we must:

-Read, understand and beramal with The Quran.

-Learn Tajwid, understand it, remember it, and always use it.


-Force yourself hard to go to ‘majlis-majlis ilmu’. (Reminds yourself for not to surrender easily to the Mr.Laziness)

-Never blame others for the wrong things that we have done.

-Do self-reflections for each of the things that you have done every day and try to fix the problem and also try hard to correct the wrong deed that you have done as soon as possible.

-Never find your enemy, as your true enemy is just inside yourself..your ‘bad attitude’.. well then, try hard to make it ‘good’..(^_^)

à Credits:

-Ustazah Esah (don’t know either she’s still teaching at Sekolah Agama At-Taqwa or not...mish her so much! huhu~)

- Tuan Muhammad Akmal Hakim (now studying MBBS ‘Medical’ at Ain Shams University, Egypt...a becoming ‘Doktor yg bertakwa’...InsyaAllah..amiin~)

-Ziana Zain (as for using her name here...hehe~)

* My KAFA School History:

-Standard 1=> At-Taqwa

-Standard 2=> At-Taqwa

-Standard 3=> Not attended any of the KAFA School (The year when the most of the Tajwid syllabus was teach)

-Standard 4=> Al-Hidayah (forced to this school as to accompany and prevent my cousin from being bullied by aliens..hehe)

-Standard 5=> At-Taqwa (come back again as there’s no more alien disturbing my cousin..haha..all are already kicked out from the earth by me..ngahaha~)

-Standard 6=> At-Taqwa (the best moment I ever had with my buddies there..huhu~)

#UPKK Results:

1. Tuan Muhammad Akmal Hakim (of course, who else?haha..)

2. Afiqah Kamarudin (my clique and my best buddy)

3. ??? (can’t remember..haha)


5. ???could be me..aiyoo..I can’t remember la..

6. bla3...

*Alhamdulillah...however, there’s still a few people accused me cheating on other papers too...but I’m not.. \(T_T)/ huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu~~ ...To be frank, since the day..I was really regretted and also realized that; if good people do a bad thing once, forever they will be seen by others as bad people. So, think twice or more before you do something... =) I’m not saying that I was good...hehe~ =p ...(in malay: Ilmu Allah, Dia yang menjaganya..Dia jugelah yg menentukan seseorang tu boleh meniru waktu exam or mempermainkan ke tak ilmu tersebut..Astaghfirullah Rabbal Baroyya...huhu~)..

-the end-

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