March 26, 2010

-new state of PiLaH...wee~~

Salam alaik to all u dearest sahabat..
i'm very excited to meet u all again...obviously..hehe
this post is specially dedicated to my truly cute and happy go lucky bestfriend, Cik Husna ku sayang..hehe~~~(ni ak da update da blog ak..haha)
it's been bout +-4 months i haven't updated my blog..wohoho!!
it seems like i had break my own record..hoho..
the truth is, i haven't got ENOUGH time to update my blog..
actually, mr.time is not the only problem i have to deal with, but....THE WIRELESS INTERNET CONNECTION HERE!!.hoho..
but, everything was fine now....just fine..
my study? hoho.. OK..i guess..hehe..just aiming for 4#..InsyaAllah..i'll try my very best, keep on praying,praying, praying and praying...then just leave it all to ALLAH to determine what's best for me..
i miss my mak..
i miss my ayah..
i miss kak ada..
i miss syafiq, syafiqah and syuhaila..
i'm missing my nenek, atok, ibu, auntie, uncle..
i'm missing dayah, my cousins..
i miss my family..huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu~~~~ (T.T)
If i got my personal 'pintu doraem0n', for sure everyday i'll go back to my dearest place, my home at Kuantan..FOR SURE!! huhuhu~~
i miss my friends...especially husna..huhu~~
my friends at KMPh...pijah, kak faizah, kak ina, aida, lala, kak wahidah and all my cliques there..
my friends at TPMCollege..huhu...azrein, kak aisyah, anisah, atiqah, esperanza, NJ, aqi, sarah and all my classmates..BIOTECH A!!! huhu~
now, i'm at a new MR. JO (my BEL 120 Speaking & Reading Lecturer) said, "You're in the middle of jungle", taking microbiology, with a still-too-young university (UiTM Kuala Pilah, N9), meeting new friends, new classmates n so on, makes me realize that life is so much more unexpected than what we normally thought..
ooooohooo~~~, i got to go now, need to take a bath..haha..after this i'm going to attend my session with 'ustaz hanafi'...hehe..c ya all again..INSYA ALLAH..daaa~~~~~

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