October 27, 2009

fUh!! wHaT a DaY!!

In the name of ALLAH The Most Gracious The Most Merciful..

Salam and nice to meet you all..again, me, writing on this blog..hurm..accompanied with the smell of overfried fishcurry paste of my room makes me feel like being in mamak's store or people called it 'kedai runcit mamak' for a moment..(last night dinner dish disaster)..haha

Today..hurm..what a bad day but not too bad, I guess..
I woke up around 5.31a.m. in the morning..(of course maa i knew the exact time bcause as it is definitely my habit to search for my hp first when i woke up from sleep)..ouch, my arms..a little bit hurt bcause it was for these 2 consequence days i had played volleyball and yesterday, me, azrein n anisah played the V.ball again in the middle of heavyrain..hahaha..so weird and but it was indescribably fun!!.. fortunately, there was no storm..hehe.. I heard the quran recitation from my notebook as I always set it up to automatically recite the chosen surah at about every day.. hurm.. my mind said, 'another day to go through in my life, Alhamdulillah..'

Done with my 'doa' bgun tidor'..I straightly walked to my desk which where the notebook was 'immortally' located..haha..bombastic word..hehe..clearing my eyes and in the mean time, i stared at the bright white screen..it shown: "video upload success" oho..okay..haha..tHe MoJoJoJo..ngahaha!! (evil laughed)..there you go Aidil(mojojojo) hehe..after typed something on my facebook's wall..then i just logged out..

Then, the Adzan Subuh echoed..

Done with my prayer..i took a lil bit of my time to read and understand the meaning of sura' Ar-Rahman..'...fabiayyia'laa irobbikumaa tukazzibaan...' what a beautiful ALLAH's Kalam..
'Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jins and men) deny?'..Subhanallah..

Morning breeze rush towards my face when I opened the windows.. what a chill~~huu~~
the day still dark outside, no cars on the road, no bike,no,no and..no..there's nothing..
so, i decide to jump onto my bed..haha..(not really that jump maa..haha..)..so, I closed my eyes along with the thought that the Bio122's class will be start at 10.30a.m...

Owh, it's 8.45a.m. when I woke up..with a calmed and no bad intention at all inside my heart.. I just sat on my bed..hurm,,it's still early maa..I jumped-off of my bed and looked at my desk..why is it my notebook seems to look like all blacks included the screen..ohoo..I forgot to attach the 'nyawa'(power cord)..that's why it was also went into a sleep mode..haha..

Went out of my room, took my hanged tudung at drying area(ampaian)..and then walked back into the room..'song of Lily Allen?..where is it came from??..ohhoo, my hp'..
Nadiah's calling??hurm..i'm sure this will be a bad news..please don't tell me that I had misheard or misunderstood about the time when the class should begin..haiyoyo..
"yellloww, Assalam'alaikum..ye nadiah.." Nadiah's replied,"Wa'alaikumussalam, hellow, eh aini ko katner??" me,'hadoiai'.."hurm, ak kat bilek..ko kt kelas da ek? sir da ade ke??", nadiah's said, "sir da nak start klas da..ko knape?" fuh, hadoyai..me replied again,"ak lmbat sket la kot, azrein da ade kat situ??"..haha.. nadiah's,"takde.." ..hurm, as I thought so.., me,"mesti azrein ngat klas start kol 10 stengah la tu..takpelah nadiah, ko try kol dye..ak maybe lmbat sket la..ok.." ..nadiah's,"ohoo, yeke..ok"..me,"thanx nadiah,salam"..nadiah's,"salam".. the red button..tut..then...'waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!'..."what is this??!!! haiyooooooooo!!!"..
Oh Mr.Cheng, my dearest sir..oh please, don't mad at me...please!!!!haiyoyo...

Then a 'U-Oh' message tones heard..one new message from adik manis?? ohhoo..read?yes..
''Assalamu'alaikum.. Tak gi skola ke kak?"..haiyo..'skola'??haha..whatever.. then me replied, "Salam, pegi tp lmbt sket..bkn sket byk kot.."haha..thats exactly the truth..I'm just telling him the truth..whatever la what he is going to think..then, I tidied up my bed..done.. one new message from adik manis again, "Tape kak, slow2 jalan..hrp sumernye baik. =)"..me replied, "Ok..tq =)"..Alhamdulillah..a doa' from a friend..

I took a deep breath...'hurmmmmmmmmmm......fuuh!!'..,please be calm syahirah..please..
I grabbed the tudung and all the things that needed to be iron..done with ironing, I went straight to the bathroom for a shower..done..wear all those stuff and then..done..no time for a breakfast.. pack my things, grabbed the heavy mr.campbell then out.. out, out, out of my room, down the stairs and off the hostel..huhu~

I climbed up the TPMC's stairs calmly..breath in and breath out as usual.. then, there you go.. Class 2-7B..oh, Mr.Cheng..my dear, please.. Bismillah..
I pushed the door, and saw my dear 'easy to smile and nice to look' face of Mr.Cheng, Ya ALLAH, please guide me.. then, the only words that came out of my mouth was "I'm sorry sir.."..then sir said with his kind voice, "owh, okay~~" a little bit of strange tone lingers there... haha...fuuh~~

Alhamdulillah..at last..I'd made to be there even that I was about an hour late for the class.. Thank you Lord.. ignored all of the 'gelak2' then I took my seat... I'm not shame or afraid of whatever responses from my classmate.. but it just that I'm feeling a deep guilty towards Mr.Cheng and ofcourse for myself..huhu.. despite all of that.. and as in common.. my seat was among the PoWeRpUfF's girls members, Nadiah and Azrein, for ofcourse maa..haha.. Azrein made to come to the class earlier than me together with the Maula's geng..haha.. its sounds interesting to hear about her story..hehehe..then the lessons continued just as the same as the days before..

Finished with the class, we all headed to cafe Sayang for lunch.. Nadiah's ask me a favour..fetch her to E4 to have some parking sticker for her car..and I said "OK!!! no hal la.." .. On that day I was wearing a long skirt..yeah, it's quite hard to handle my bike with that attire..ofcourse maa..haiyoo..

We went to E4 and have to turn back to college as nadiah had to get a written declaration and permission from admin before she can have the sticker.. as we arrived at college, I had lost my balance as nadiah suddenly jumped off the bike before I managed to stop and land my feet on the ground..and the only things I can do was jumped together with nadiah..yeah!! that's it!!
Luckily we're fine and did not hurt or whatsoever laa..and moreover, no people saw that accident..hahahaha.. Alhamdulillah..just my bike's side mirror had a little bit 'cramp" haha.. not that cramp but just the side mirror tilted slightly inside..with a few adjustment, it came back to its normal figure..haha.. Can you just imagine how heavy is that the Nouvo's scooter??.. I just can laughed unbearably about what had happened on that moment.. The fact, I'm swear to myself that I will never wear that long skirt again if I was going to ride my bike.. Thanks to ALLAH..

Then, the day was end just like the other normal day and it's not really a bad day..it just seems to looks like it but it does not.. That's all.. walhamdulillahirabbil 'alamin... (^_^) Wassalam...

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