October 31, 2009

wHat ThE tHInGs U rEaLLY wAnT???

5 Things that everyone want it and give all out to have it:

1-وجه جميل
1:beautiful or handsome face

2- فلوس بالملاين
2:gain plenty of money

3- صحة قوية
3:good health

4- اولاد شاطرين وفالحين مثلنا
4:clever and successful children

5- نوم عميق من دون مهدئات و أدوية
5:a good sleep

سهلة جدا و بوصفة سحرية و سهلة تستغرق 15 دقيقة يومياً ! كيف؟؟؟؟؟
it is just simple to get all of those things stated above for only about 15 minutes per day.. but how????

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم :
Rasulullah SAW said:

من ترك صلاة الصبح فليس في وجهه نور و من ترك صلاة الظهر فليس في رزقه
there is no 'nur' on those faces who did not perform their Fajr prayer
and for those people who missed their Dhzuhr prayer, no blessed prosperity for them

بركة و من ترك صلاة العصر فليس في جسمه قوة و من ترك صلاة المغرب فليس في
and for those people who did not perform their Asr Prayer, there is no good health for them,
and for those people who did not perform their Maghrib prayer, there is no rewarding children for them

أولاده ثمرة و من ترك صلاة العشاء فليس في نومه راحة
and for those people who did not perform their Isya' prayer, there is no calm/good sleep for them

بلغ عن الرسول (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم ) ولو آية
spread to all about Rasulullah SAW even it is just ONE word...

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